In this series Gildo Medina honors the power of man’s beauty, a subject that has fascinated and inspired him since the beginning of his artistic production. Between drawings, etchings and paintings, created with astonishing realism and filled with a personal and intimate vision, each work becomes a sensorial record or chronicle of his own history.

During his academic training in Italy 20 years ago, his particular fascination for the perfection of the male beauty canons of classical art, led him to observe and draw in detail the monumental sculptures that surrounded him every day, carved in marble by the great Italian masters, full of strength and virility, contrasted by the delicacy and sensuality which they were created with, is also reflected today in his work, created from a personal and contemporary vision, mixing the erotic with the vulgar, the subtle with the grotesque, love with lack of love, frivolous with the divine, and body fluids with the piece itself.

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