“Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In his series “RÊVES. SOUL PORTRAITS”, Gildo Medina captures the dreams that emanate from each gaze and portrays them on each canvas, turning the piece into a spectator, and the spectator into the piece, almost like a dreamy game of mirrors.

In recent times humankind collapsed and was forced to stop and take a long pause, rethinking entirely its scheme of beliefs and values, Gildo Medina used this time of confinement to reinvent and rethink entirely his own schemes as an artist and a human being, therefore creating his most recent artistic project, impregnated with mystical shades, called ” RÊVES. SOUL PORTRAITS”. Inspired by universal concepts shown by human beings in these times of resilience, from which the artist selected the 12 most important to him, those which helped him survive: Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Strength, Desire, Peace, Freedom, Dreaming, Light, Positivism, Thankfulness and Happiness; ones that he strongly perceived in many gazes which he could established a connection with, in times where eyes became our main means of communicating from the heart.

Throughout history until these days, eyes have been essential motifs of the art and mythology of practically every culture. Humans have given them many symbolic and mystical connotations, they have been considered magical symbols of protection, as well as the direct window to the soul, also a reflection of intelligence and the spirit. Gildo Medina has been captivated by them, from the beginning of his practice as an artist eyes have been one of the most characteristic and powerful elements in his work. Creating them almost instinctively, they dazzle for their mastery, strength, beauty and magic of their creation.


“I have discovered that eyes are the ones that most connects us as humans, because they are the unequivocal reflection of our emotions”. Gildo Medina.

In the gazes pictured in “RÊVES. PORTRAITS OF SOUL”, Gildo not only can transmit life, but he makes the observer live the powerful message that contains the universal value that inspired each one of them. Of apparent simplicity but with an almost living realism, these eyes are meticulously hand-painted with acrylic and oil pastels on a morbid and convex medallion made of leather, a leather canvas mounted on a carved wooden frame covered in gold leaf

Behind each medallion a hand-painted hidden message can be found, inspired in one of the 12 universal concepts mentioned before, this intervention remains hidden when the frame is permanently sealed, remaining only a photographic record in the authenticity certificate of each piece. This message provides a strong energetic purpose, with the intention of transforming the eye into a kind of talisman or contemporary nazar that reflects permanently the mantra or positive energy of the message written inside.

For the artist the hidden messages written inside his work are an important and a recurring theme, almost like a distinctive seal of his work. He usually writes them in spanish, french, italian or english, as his mind and heart express permanently themselves in those languages, as a result of having lived between France, Spain, Italy, the United States of America and Mexico. The messages are written in mirror (for example PEACE / ECAEP) in order to have a purely energetic reading, projected by the eye from inside the piece, almost like an energetic diffuser that permanently spreads this positive energy.

In his series “RÊVES. SOUL PORTRAITS”, Gildo Medina transforms the piece into the spectator and the spectator into the piece. The masterpiece that is our life is contemplated here, as well as our own creation, we are the only ones responsible of how we carry it, we are our own authors.

“The choice of creating pieces with a mystical and esoteric charge, comes from the necessity to change the meaning of the creation of my pieces. This series is made with the pure objective of generating pieces that make people happy and that can heal the emotions and soul through beauty, thanks to the power of energy and intentions, painting what makes me happier and sharing this happiness with everyone else”

“We all need a protection amulet, from a child with his inseparable blanket, the doctor with his cross or star that his mother gave him hanging on his chest, the businesswoman with her nazar on her wrist, or me, with my eyes with protection mantras that I paint to heal my soul through the creation of beauty”. Gildo Medina.

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